Sewing Guild Ministry


We are known as the St. Mary and Martha's Sewing Group. The name was adopted because it allows any of the congregation who have an interest in sewing to recognize a group that might interest them and where they will be welcomed.


The sewing group is an outreach mission that provides baptismal, prayer, or comfort quilts to members of the parish, or quilts for special needs as requested by other groups within the church. We provide financial support and sewn goods to families in need within our church community, charitable organizations such as Peace Place, Dresses for Africa, Quilts4Kids, nursing homes, and animal shelters as well as the various ministries within our church. The sewing group is financially independent and self-funded. We raise money through support of the annual Fall Festival and the sale of sewn or hand crafted items throughout the year. Our Patron Saint is St. Dorcas in Greek or Tabitha in Aramaic because she provided clothing for those in need.


If you have an interest in sewing, quilting or crafts or would like to learn how to sew, please join us. We meet every Wednesday from 10:00 - 2:00 in the sewing room on the second floor.